Get Ready for Summer: 5 Sauna Suit Hacks for Making the Most of the Season

Summer is right around the corner! Are you prepared?


It’s a time for looking your best by the pool and soaking up as much fun in the sun as possibly before the inevitable changing of the leaves gets here. One of the best ways to prepare for the sunny season is with a Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit. Let’s take a look at how the sauna suit can help you get ready for the fast approaching summer.


sauna suit, benefits, summer

  1. Heat Acclamation

Sure, a hot environment feels hot to everyone; however, not everyone responds to it the same way. We all have that friend who sweats buckets while another friend feels cold in the same room. If you want to prepare yourself for the summer weather, one of the best ways to do it is heat acclamation training. Wearing a sauna suit as a part of you daily fitness program allows your body to adjust to the brutal summer heat.


  1. Short Term Weight Loss

Anyone who has ever used a sauna before knows all about the water weight loss that occurs once you step out. Saunas are famous tools for making weight or shedding a quick few pounds of water weight to look shredded. Using the sauna suit on a regular basis promotes water weight loss, ensuring you’ll always be ready to look good by the pool.


  1. Long Term Weight Loss

A sauna suit can do more than make sure you look lean for a few hours: Used as a part of a consistent exercise program, the neoprene sauna suit can actually promote a healthy long term weight loss. This is excellent news for anyone looking to reach a goal weight and maintain it.


  1. Build Muscle

Using a sauna suit during exercise can promote a spike in the release of heat stress proteins. These specialized protein cells perform a number of fitness-related benefits including supporting muscular hypertrophy.


Hypertrophy is the tearing down and building up of muscle tissue. This is how you build lean muscle mass. What’s more, heat stress proteins via the Kutting Weight sauna suit can trigger a greater release of growth hormone. Growth hormone supports an anabolic environment, which is prime for muscle mass to thrive in.


sauna suit, benefits, summer

  1. Feel Amazing

Everyone knows about the physical benefits of sauna usage but few people realize the amazing cognitive benefits that come along with it. Consistent exposure to a high heat environment, just like you’ll find in a Kutting Weight sauna suit has been suggested to promote a number of brain boosting benefits including a boost in focus, learning, and memory. Studies suggest it may also improve mood, helping to alleviate symptoms of depression.


Tell Us What You Think!

Have you used a sauna suit before?

What benefits did you notice?

Let us know in the comments below!



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