Secure Your Success: 6 Ways to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

At any given time, the majority of people are trying to lose weight. Sure, those numbers dramatically spike at the beginning of the year but they stay fairly consistent as people come and go from the weight loss journey. Even though summer is here, that’s no reason not to start running toward that dream body. Let’s take a look at 6 ways you can ensure success for your weight loss goal.

  1. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

S.M.A.R.T. goals are the foundation of what is to come and this should ideally be your first step. The acronym stands for:


  • Don’t say you want to “lose weight.” Be specific. How much weight do you want to lose?


  • Be sure you can measure your progress. Stepping on a scale and using a measuring tape is a great way to do that.


  • Set yourself up for success by attaining the tools you’ll need to succeed. Instructional videos, workout programs, dietary guidelines, and a personal trainer are all great attainability tools.


  • This is extremely important. Be realistic with yourself. You aren’t going to lose 20 pounds in one week. The average is 1 to 2 pounds per week, not including inches. Take that into account when you make your goals.


  • Put a time stamp on it. Give yourself a deadline based on the guidelines above. This will help to motivate you.
  1. Motivate Yourself

Whether it’s sticky notes around your apartment or watching motivational videos in the morning, be sure to give yourself every advantage. It’s mind over matter when it comes to weight loss. Be sure to fuel yourself with only positive thoughts and feelings.

  1. Try Meditating

Negative thoughts are no stranger to those chasing after their goals and this is especially true when you want to change how you look. Meditation is the practice of mindfulness and has been shown to improve overall mindset and reduce negative thinking. The last person you want rooting against you is YOU. Try meditating with the help of apps or YouTube videos for just 2 weeks and see the difference.

  1. Make it a Competition

Do you have a friend who is also trying to lose weight? Why not make it a friendly competition?

Betting on yourself has an incredible motivating factor, especially if you are putting money on the line. Pair up with a friend who has similar goals to you, set a start and end date, then make your wagers. Winner takes all.

  1. Consider Hiring a Trainer (even if it’s for a month)

Personal trainers are equipped with the knowledge you need to succeed. Whether it’s exercise instruction or meal planning, a personal trainer can take you through all of the information you will need in order to reach your goal. They also offer a high level of motivation for their clients. Even if you hire a trainer for one month, it’ll be time and money well spent.

  1. Sauna Suit Up

If you want to see real results in real time, then you need to make the investment in a sauna suit from Kutting Weight. This neoprene weight loss suit has been scientifically proven in a series of studies to support a healthy weight loss. The Kutting Weight sauna suit was shown to significantly boost calorie burning, athletic performance, and overall weight loss.

How much more weight did subjects lose when using the neoprene sauna suit?

They lost up to 40% more weight than those not wearing the sauna suit.

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Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Chronic Health and Performance Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.



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