Healthy & Delicious: 4 Recipes for Halloween Treats

Chances are that your local grocery store is packed with ghosts, witches, and zombie décor. Most importantly, the shelves are stock piled with every type of candy you can imagine. From chocolate bars to candy corn to sweet taffy, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything with vitamins or minerals. Can you have your candy and eat it too? Of course, you can. Let’s take a look at 4 recipes for Halloween treats that are easy to make and healthy to eat.

  1. Eyeballs

This healthy treat can also be used as a clever trick. Take a bowl of grapes and peel away the skin. Now place the bowl of skinned grapes in a box and tell the Trick or Treaters that they are eyeballs. Have the brave visitors place their hand inside and pull out the grapes to eat them 

Grapes may be a higher sugar fruit but dark skinned grapes contain antioxidants including the famous resveratrol. 

  1. Jack o’ Orange

This one puts a Halloween spin on a common fruit. You’ll essentially be turning an orange into a pumpkin and placing healthy fruits inside.

Carefully, slice the top off of an orange. Now, using a knife, carefully carve around the orange fruit, making a shell of the skin. Remove the orange, peel it apart and place it into a salad mixture of your favorite fruits.

Carve a friendly or scary face into the orange peel. Afterwards, scoop the fruit salad mixture into the orange shell and you have a delicious and nutritious Halloween treat.

  1. Ghost Popsicles

Peel a banana and place a popsicle stick through the bottom. Now dip it into low sugar vanilla yogurt. Carefully place the bananas on to a plate and put them in the freezer. After a few hours, remove the bananas and put a scary face on them using melted raw chocolate. Place them back into the freezer until you’re ready to serve.

  1. PB & Pumpkin

Pumpkins are the signature symbol for Halloween. While you may not be ready to bake a dozen pumpkin pies for your local Trick or Treaters, you’ll certainly be able to make PB & Pumpkins. These tasty and delicious treats are made with all natural peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, and rolled oats. You can even put faces on them with bits of raw chocolate or cacao nibs.

For a batch, take a half cup of all natural peanut butter and mix it together with a half cup of rolled oats and two tablespoons of pumpkin seeds. Mix until you have a smooth yet durable consistency (It’s okay to add more peanut butter to smooth it out). Now roll into balls and freeze overnight. Serve on Halloween night.

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