Get That Summer Six-Pack with These 5 Proven Tips and Tricks

With summer finally here, everyone will be hitting the pool or heading to the beach for a much-needed day in the sun. What is that one thing that most people start working towards in January? The summer six-pack.

Shredded abs are the defining muscle for attention grabbing. If you’ve been hitting the gym and eating a healthy diet but you aren’t quite where you want to be, don’t worry. Let’s take a look at the top 5 tips and tricks for achieving that summer six-pack.

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  1. Use the Best Exercises

When your goal is to show off a six-pack, you first need to build up the muscles that will be key for turning heads. If your abdominal program consists of only crunches, then you are short changing yourself big time.

Your core-focused exercises should include a variety of movements that target the lower, middle, and upper abdominal wall as well as obliques and lower back.

Give these exercises a try and let us know what you think:

  • Spiderman Plank
  • Captain’s Chair
  • Bicycle
  • Cable Crunch
  • Side Plank
  • Superman
  1. Step Up Your EPOC

EPOC stands for Excess Post Oxygen Consumption and this provides a huge boost to calorie burning. EPOC levels are highest when your body is trying to compensate for oxygen levels after a workout or excessive activity. The best ways to boost your EPOC levels? You can try a High Intensity Interval Training workout or simply step into a sauna for approximately 15 minutes.

  1. Supplement Your Results

Supplements can provide some much-needed assistance, especially when it comes to fat burning. Try adding one of the following to your daily dietary program to help upgrade your body’s fat burning.

  • Yohimbe
  • Green tea extract
  • L-Carnitine
  • Raspberry ketones

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  1. Boost Your Protein

Dietary protein is the key for unlocking muscle building potential while keeping you feeling fuller longer. Protein contains amino acids that are very important for promoting muscle growth and recovery. Increasing your protein intake while decreasing your carbohydrate intake will help boost muscle building and fat burning. One simple way to boost protein intake is to supplement with a high quality whey protein.

  1. Increase High Intensity Cardio

Once you have built a solid foundation of muscle, it will be time to start chiseling away at that belly fat to make those abs pop. By increasing your high intensity cardiovascular exercise WHILE eating more high quality protein, you can burn away body fat and protect your muscle tissue.

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