Curious About Kettlebells? 4 Tips for Your First KB Workout

 Not too long ago, the term “kettlebell” was something more associated with farming equipment than a fitness tool. Today, the kettlebell can be found in most gyms and fitness studios across the country. Why the sudden change 

Made famous in Russia in the bodybuilding community, the kettlebell has proven itself to be an excellent piece of exercise equipment capable of safely supporting muscle, strength, and endurance gains.

Do you want to start implementing this odd shaped fitness tool into your workouts? Here are 4 tips to follow before you begin your first kettlebell workout.

  1. Master the Motion

One of the most unique things about the kettlebell is its design. The smooth handle is shaped like an upside-triangle. This offers terrific support on your wrists. This is especially true during motions that require a quick twist of the wrist. Kettlebell enthusiasts swear by this fitness tool for exercises such as the clean and press and windmills.

Before you jump into using kettlebells for Olympic style movements, it will be important to perfect your form. This will ensure you gain results and avoid injury. Pair up this tip with our number three trick.

  1. Start Light

When you are just starting to use kettlebells, it’s recommended to go lighter than you would with a dumbbell that you may be used to. This goes double if you are performing those Olympic style exercises mentioned above.

Starting with a lighter kettlebell weight will allow your body the time it needs to adjust to using it. While it may not seem like much of a change, using a kettlebell forces the body to adapt to a new handle, gripping strategy, and movement pattern. Kick your ego to the side for a few weeks as you make the adjustment.

  1. Switch Out

You don’t need to have a “kettlebell only” workout to see the results you want. You can begin by simply switching out the dumbbell during dumbbell-focused movements. For example, if you are performing the Dumbbell Bench Press now, go ahead and start using kettlebells.

Going along with our number three tip, starting out by simply switching out your fitness tool will allow you to adjust at a more progressive rate. Eventually, you can focus on a kettlebell only workout.

  1. Be Consistent

Like anything fitness-related, results don’t come unless you stay consistent. Whether you’re trying to boost your strength or lose weight, you need to keep working with the kettlebells. The more you use them, the faster your body will adjust and the better your gains. Kettlebells offer a unique level of benefits that you can’t get with dumbbells. Arguably, they are one of the best tools to train with if your goal involves strength and power competitions.

For the fitness newbie, working with kettlebells will allow your body to develop the foundational movement patterns necessary to safely and effectively perform other advanced level exercises in the future.

If you aren’t already using kettlebells, you should be.

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