Big Biceps, Small Forearms? Try These 5 Forearm Hacks

Commonly referred to as having T-Rex arms, small forearms are the upper body equivalent of small calves. In a normal setting, forearms are going to be the one of the first muscle groups that people lay their eyes on. If your chest is huge but your forearms are lacking, eyebrows will be raised.

Let’s jump into 5 hacks to bring those forearms up to par with the rest of your body.

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  1. Treat Forearms Like Your Chest

In essence, train it like you mean it.

Most people put so much effort and focus into training the primary muscle groups that they often forget the secondary muscle groups.

If you want bigger forearms, you need to incorporate them into your workout as you would quadriceps, chest, back, or hamstrings. Pick a day or two during the week and throw your forearms into the mix. Use two to three forearm exercises and perform at least 3 sets of each.

  1. Upgrade Your Grip

By working on improving your grip strength, you can greatly benefit your forearms.

Easiest way to do it?

Make it harder for yourself to grab on to the weights.

They sell a wrap that you can place on dumbbells and barbells, which help to challenge your grip and forearms but if you want to save money, just use a towel.

  1. Mind in the Muscle

This simple technique cannot be stressed enough. When performing any exercise, you have to put your complete focus into it.

Don’t just move through the motions. Watch the muscle contract and release. Visualize the work that is going on and imagine your forearms growing. It isn’t about reaching a set number of repetitions here. It’s about putting all of your effort into the muscle and exercise.

  1. Get Intense

Continuing with the point above, repetitions are a decent guideline but when you want to see growth, it’s all about intensity. As you move through the exercise with focus, make your muscle work for it. Slowly contract and release and feel the muscle moving. This isn’t a race. Take your time and contract the muscle as hard as you can with each repetition.

forearms, biceps, how to

  1. Go to Failure

You’ll quickly notice that after only a few reps of super concentrated, slow moving, grip squeezing momentum, your forearms are going to be on fire. This is what you want. Keep going until you can’t go any more. Try utilizing the failure set method with the last set of each exercise.

If you really want to upgrade your sets, try drop sets. After you fail at one amount of weight, lower the weight and continue until you burn out.

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What did you do to earn that size and strength?

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