8 Things That Only Runners Will Appreciate

Being a runner is more than something you have to do because you heard it was good for you.

Running is a lifestyle.

Sure, it has plenty of health and fitness benefits but you run because it feels natural to you. You feel your best only while you are running. Whether you just started training for your first 5K or you are a lifelong lover/hater of running, here are 8 things that only you will understand and appreciate.

  1. The Addiction of Medal Collecting

Once you get your first race medal, you’re going to want more.

A lot more.

That medal collecting addiction means moving up in distance and race difficulty…

That means more and more training for you.

Still, it’s worth the pain so you can hang it up on the wall.

  1. The Pain of Chafing

It only takes one bad chafing episode for you to invest in a bulk stock of any product that will prevent it from happening again. Whether you use deodorant or Vaseline, the last thing you want is to have the feeling of razors against your thighs midway through a run.

  1. Mastering the Water Grab

It might take a few tries but you’ll eventually get the hang of gracefully accepting the water or sports drinks from the race volunteers. Don’t feel bad if you end up knocking the first few to the ground.

  1. The Fear of Going Uphill

Is there anything worse than seeing your doom approaching from afar?

Runners know that the hill is coming and they still run towards it. Even as they are making their way up, they question whether it was a good idea. Still, they will do the same thing the next day.

  1. The Love of Going Downhill

You conquered the hill you saw coming and now you get your reward: The ease and carefree feeling of jogging downhill. Life is back to being good.

  1. Creating the Perfect Playlist

You know how your energy and self-talk seems to take dips and peaks?

Only runners will understand trying to create the perfect playlist to last as long as the run while taking into consideration those moments of wanting to throw in the towel.

  1. Carb Loading

While other people are avoiding carbohydrates, runners get to indulge. When training for a race, many runners will use a carb loading method. The depriving stage may be brutal but the overeating of carbs soon after is heaven.

  1. Runner’s High

Nothing beats that elated feeling that comes from running. Sure, you’re first month might feel more like a chore but once you break into the sport, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll want to run. Runner’s High is that intense feeling post-run where you feel like anything can go right. No wonder people are always chasing it.


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