5 Reasons You Need to Listen to Music While Exercising

Want an easy and free way to boost your workouts?

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Music has an extraordinary effect on our bodies. Science has shown that music can be a wondrous thing when it comes to healing, motivation, and change. Why not take advantage of those benefits while you’re in the gym?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons that you need to start listening to music while you are working out.

  1. Great Conversation Starter

This is for AFTER your workout! If someone catches your eye in the gym and you’re not sure how to break the ice, the simple question of “What are you listening to?” is a great way to go. You’ll open up the flood gates for conversation if you two are a musical match.

  1. You’ll Go the Extra Mile

We’ve all hit a wall early on in the workout. It’s not a physical thing. It’s a mental barrier. When you hear that voice that starts telling you to wrap up the workout so you can relax at home, the way to silence it is through music. Music, especially tracks that get you amped and ready to go, has been shown to help you push through those inner voices and exercise longer.

If you’ve got a long duration run or workout ahead, it’s best to bring along your playlist.

  1. You’ll Feel Better

Music has a funny way of changing your mood. When you are sad and you put on a dark and gloomy track, what happens? Usually, you feel worse. When you feel like you can conquer the world and you put on an upbeat and inspiring song, what happens? That feeling just gets amplified.

Arrange your playlist to include motivating music and you’ll soar through your workout with a smile on your face.

  1. Block out the Distractions

It’s not that your anti-social, it’s just that you need to finish this workout in less than 45 minutes. Casually chatting with people you know for blocks of 5 minutes of more isn’t going to help you with your timeline. Listening to music while you work out sends the message that you’re here to exercise, not to socialize. Do all the chatting you want after you finish.

  1. It Will Help Your Performance

Who hasn’t listened to their favorite song before pumping out an intense weight lifting session and breaking through personal records?

Music gets you pumped. It motivates you. It helps to send surges of energy through your veins. It’s been shown that athletes who listen to music while working out demonstrated a better overall performance than those who did not. So come prepared with a pair of headphones and a great playlist before your next workout.


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