5 Reasons You Need to Ignore What the Scale Says

That scale that’s sitting in your bathroom may be your worst enemy when it comes to feeling good and confident about your weight loss. Most people start their day by stepping up onto the scale and seeing what number the dial moves to that morning. While sometimes the scale has good news, there are other times when it puts a damper on your entire day. The scale is not the end all, be all of your weight loss success. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you need to ignore what the scale says and put it in a closet.

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  1. You Feel Better

The number on the scale can be deceptive. Many people ignore the other signs that they are making progress because they want it to reflect on the scale ONLY. If you take a step back and evaluate yourself, you may find that you’re feeling so much better than when you first started this journey. That is the first reason why your scale may be lying to you.

If your mood has taken a positive leap forward, that’s a telltale sign that you’re heading in the right direction.

  1. You Can Lift Heavier Things

A boost in strength is an excellent sign that your training program and diet are working. Building strength offers a number of practical applications in the real world, unlike that number on the scale. Being able to support your own bodyweight is one of the biggest achievements you could make during a weight loss journey. Before you let the scale throw off your day, take a look at your training log. Notice how the dumbbells have gotten heavier each week? Now pat yourself on the back and keep kicking butt.

  1. You Can Keep Up

A boost in your endurance is a big sign that your body is responding to your current weight loss-driven exercise program. Think back to when you first started working out. Remember how out of breath you were after only a little exertion? If you’re kicking butt using that same workout, that’s what you should be focusing on.

  1. You’re Seeing Some Lines

Are you noticing that you’re able to see the lines in your stomach, arms, or legs? No, we aren’t talking about purple vein lines. We’re talking about the definition of the muscle tissue. If you’re able to look in the mirror, flex a muscle and see the actual definition, that’s a very good and obvious sign that your weight loss has been successful.

  1. Your Clothes Aren’t Fitting

Everyone is so obsessed with the number on the scale that they may not realize how loose their clothes have become. After a certain point of weight loss, your body will start losing pounds on the scale OR inches but rarely do both happen at the same time. Not seeing a difference on the scale? Measure yourself to see the improvements.

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