5 Fitness Tests You Need to be Able to Pass

If you’re like most, you’re constantly wondering just how “fit” you are. You see people running 10 miles each day or spending two hours in the weight room and you wonder if doing that makes you a “fit” person. Fitness is a relative term. For example, a boxer’s level of fitness is not going to be the same as an Olympic gymnast’s level of fitness. Fitness may be a relative term but there are definitely milestones that the majority of people should be able to achieve. Let’s take a look at the top 5 fitness tests that you need to be able to pass to be considered “fit."

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  1. The Squat Test

Squatting is one of the most important exercises for developing your physique. It works a number of important muscle groups and it’s just not enough to be able to do a squat with no additional weight. One of the telltale signs of fitness is being able to perform a squat with perfect form AND using weight in the form of a barbell or set of dumbbells. Start out slow and carefully work your way up. Only add weight when you feel comfortable.

  • Goal: Squat your own bodyweight with perfect form 1 to 5 times
  1. The Jogging Test

The classic military test is still a great way to test just how fit you are. Military.com explains that each enlistee must pass the jogging test. It’s a 2 mile test and minimum passing times range depending on your age and gender. For general fitness purposes, we’ve come up with this universal goal time:

  • Goal: 2 miles in 17 minutes (race pace of 8:30 per mile)                                                
  1. The Push-Up Test

Another classic test of fitness, the push-up test is a demonstration of your upper body strength, mobility, and endurance. It requires your entire body to be working together to perform each repetition. If you need to start out training for push-ups on your knees, there’s nothing wrong with that. Each training session should start with an attempt at a proper form push-up.

  • Goal: 10 to 15 full range of motion push-ups
  1. The Plank Test

One of the best ways to train your core, the plank is definitely a love / hate exercise. It requires a complete contraction of your abdominal muscles along with the cooperation of your glutes, hip flexors, lower back, legs, and shoulders. It’s one of the toughest abdominal exercises but also one of the most efficient.

  • Goal: 2 minute plank with perfect form
  1. The Pull-Up Test

Last but not least, we have the pull-up test. Pull-ups are a terrific exercise that activates your back muscles, biceps, and core. It can give women those lean and sexy shoulders and arms while providing men with that wide upper body frame. They are a true testament to your fitness level and require a lot of dedication. Be patient with yourself and practice pull-ups several times per week.

  • Goal: 10 to 15 bodyweight only (no assistance) pull-ups

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