5 Fitness Focused Christmas Presents Your Family will Love

The holidays are quickly approaching. Have you started gift shopping yet? There’s no need to wait until Black Friday or the week before Christmas to get your shopping done. If you have a fitness-minded family member, here are 5 great gifts to consider. They are fun, effective, and festive (especially our top pick).

  1. Ear Warming Headphones

These are for the runner in your family. When winter sets in, that doesn’t mean the workouts have to stop. If you or a loved one needs to suit up and brave the cold to prepare for a race, at least keep your ears warm and listen to your motivational tunes along the way.

  • You can buy them here.
  1. Massaging Foam Roller

Why overpay for a mediocre deep tissue massage when you can do it yourself? Foam rollers became a big crave a few years ago and they are continuing to dominate the market. Give a foam roller to the athlete in your family. It’ll help them loosen up, get rid of knots, and save on massages.

  • You can buy it here.

  1. Blender on-the-go Sports Shaker

How many times per day do you need to blend something just to put it into a different on-the-go cup? Why end up with double the dirty dishes and twice the hassle? This blender allows you to mix whatever you need to – from smoothies to shakes – then lets you take it with you. Simply pop off the top and be on your way. Totally convenient and, best of all, no extra mess.

  • You can buy it here.
  1. Fit Bit

If you or your loved ones don’t already own these, now is the time. Fit Bit is a very useful tool for everyone from the athlete to the weekend gym goer in your family. It lets you track your heart rate with PurePulse. It will also tell you how many calories you’ve burned. What’s more, it will let you know whether or not to increase intensity to get into your heart rate zone. This little watch does it all.

  • You can buy it here.
  1. Sauna Suit

Saving the best for last, if weight loss, performance enhancement, or muscle building is on your list or a loved one’s list for next year’s resolution, you need to pick up the Kutting Weight sauna suit. This neoprene weight loss suit has been scientifically proven to burn up to 13% more calories while resulting in an overall greater weight loss of up to 40%. What’s more, it’s an ideal fitness tool when performance is the end all, be all. Subjects wearing the Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit saw an increase of up to 67% with their total fatigue time. Hit your goal and look great doing it with the Kutting Weight sauna suit.

  • You can buy it here.

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Do you own any of these gifts?

Have any recommendations of your own?

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Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Acute Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Chronic Health and Performance Benefits of Exercise with

the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

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