3 Ways that D-Aspartic Acid Will Make You More of a Man

Guys, what supplements are you using?

There’s a good chance you have whey protein and a multi-vitamin sitting on your shelf but there may be something that you’re missing.If your goals include muscle mass, fat loss, and boosting your manliness, you might want to consider supplementing with D-Aspartic Acid.

 D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid that has been the subject of several important studies in regards to men’s health. Combined with a healthy diet and regimented exercise program, it may be able to significantly boost testosterone, fertility, and muscle. Let’s take a look at how D-Aspartic Acid may be able to help you with your fitness and health goals.

Increase Fertility

 With the recent advancements in medical technology, you no longer have to worry about “missing the window” to have children. You don’t need to be in your 20s to start a family anymore. For men, one of the best ways to increase your fertility is by using D-Aspartic Acid. Studies have demonstrated that when supplementing with D-Aspartic Acid, men experienced a significant boost in the number and strength of their sperm. Obviously, this is going to be very important if you’re considered having children.

 Boost Testosterone Levels

Unfortunately, once men reach the age of 30, their testosterone levels peak and then start to take a downward drop. On average, men will lose 1% of their testosterone level each year. Testosterone is extremely important for men’s health as it plays a critical role in mood, muscle, and mindset. Low levels of testosterone present themselves through the following symptoms:

  • Depression / Mood swings
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Fat mass gain
  • Low libido / sex drive
  • Decreased sperm / fertility

 In a series of controversial studies, D-Aspartic Acid was found to help increase testosterone levels in men. Results may vary based on your current lifestyle and exercise experience but overall, it is a safe and effective supplement to take to support your health as a man.

 More Lean Muscle Mass

As mentioned above, testosterone plays an important role in developing, strengthening, and protecting lean muscle mass. For men, muscle mass is easily one of the most important things for your fitness goals. If you’re supporting your testosterone levels through D-Aspartic Acid supplementation, you’re bound to see better results in the weight room. The trick is to have a well-planned training program that triggers muscular hypertrophy. This will significantly benefit your results.

 How to Take D-Aspartic Acid

 For the best results, take as follows:

  • One serving in the morning on an empty stomach
  • One serving in the late afternoon before a meal
  • Dose: 5 to 6 grams

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Did you see any positive results?

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