4 Ways to Keep Pushing Yourself to Stick to Your 2017 Fitness Goals

March is here! How are you doing with your fitness goals? Are you still sticking to your plan of action or have you slipped off the track?


It’s okay if you aren’t as strong willed as you were when you first started out. It’s normal for you to lose motivation by this point. What you need to focus on is re-establishing your goals so you can conquer them. Here are 4 ways to keep pushing yourself to accomplish the fitness goals you set for 2017.

  1. exercise, goals, motivationThe first thing you want to do is take a deep breath, sit down with a notepad, and prepare to honestly evaluate how far you’ve come. This is a crucial step as it will allow you to lay a stronger foundation going forward. Take a look at the goals you wrote down in January. Next to these goals, write your current progress. Make a third column and write the remainder.Back to the Start


For example, if you wanted to lose 20 pounds but you’ve only lost 7 pounds, you have 13 pounds more to go. This same formula works for muscle, race times, strength goals, etc.


Once you see how far you need to go, seriously critic what you’ve been doing really well and what needs improvement. Lastly, re-write your goals from January to reflect these new milestones. You now have an updated road map of where you need to go.


  1. Change Up Your Routine

One of the biggest killers of fitness goals is boredom. If you’re still doing the exact same fitness program from January 1st then it’s time for a change. It’s important to keep changing your workout. You’ll escape boredom and, more importantly, you’ll also avoid hitting a plateau. Keeping your body and muscles guessing means better results for you.


  1. Reward Yourself

Here’s a trick that people will do too often or not enough. If you are so goal focused that you continuously skip on celebration, you’re going to burn out quickly. It’s important to recognize your accomplishments. By rewarding yourself for your hard work, you’re more likely to keep accomplishing your fitness milestones. Try to keep the rewards healthy though. No binge nights of alcohol or chocolate. Instead, reward yourself with a spa day or a ticket to the game.

exercise, goals, motivation

  1. Find a Buddy (If You Haven’t Already)

I cannot stress this enough: A workout buddy is going to be your most valuable tool for reaching your fitness goals. A fitness partner is going to allow you to stay dedicated because you have someone else holding you accountable. What’s more, you don’t want to be the one bailing and disappointing the other person. Workout buddies are a great way to challenge yourself through competition. You’ll also have someone to vent to that understands exactly what you’re going through because they are going through the same thing! You can find a gym buddy by asking around the facility or on social media.


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What kind of progress have you made so far this year?

Have you hit any setbacks?

How do you plan to overcome them?

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