4 Strange Ways to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Think about your fitness resolutions for the New Year.

Do you want to build more muscle mass?

Want to lose body fat?

Looking to compete in an athletic event?

Whatever your goal, you want to pull out all the tricks to help yourself reach it. Some tactics you’ve read about time and time again while others can be a bit weird yet effective. Let’s take a look at the 4 most effective ways yet strange ways to reach your fitness goals.

  1. Elevation Training

If you really want to put yourself through a challenging workout, you don’t need to fly to Peru to train on some of the highest mountain in the world. You just need a mask.

Elevation training masks are another popular fitness trend that simulates the conditions of training at higher altitudes. It does this by restricting oxygen flow, forcing your body to work harder to provide sufficient oxygen.

Strap on the elevation training mask during your normal workout and get ready for an intense exercise session.

  1. Eating Schedule

When it comes to recovery, weight loss, and muscle building, nutritional timing is everything.

One method of eating that may help you lose weight, increase recovery, and support muscle building is intermittent fasting. This widely popular way of eating involves 16 hours of fasting with an 8-hour feeding window. Keep your dietary choices clean during the feeding window and you’ll be amazed at what you can look like after a few weeks.

Want more information on the intermittent fasting technique? Read here.

  1. Breathing Training

If you’re an endurance athlete or you simply want to improve your overall health, breathing exercises are an excellent and very popular option.

You can use basic breathing techniques to practice meditation and this can have a profoundly positive impact on your mental wellbeing. If you want something to help with performance, you might want to try the Wim Hof Method. This training methodology may be able to improve total blood saturation of oxygen. As a result, your performance may improve. 

  1. Wear a Sauna Suit

Of course you know that using a sauna is good for you BUT a trip to the sauna can start to add up quickly when it comes to your wallet. The solution? The Kutting Weight sauna suit.

The Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit captures the same environment and health benefits as a real sauna. It’s tough, it’s durable, and it’s a fraction of the cost of going to a sauna. Your neoprene weight loss sauna suit is an investment that will last you for years.

Studies conducted by Dr. Lance Dalleck show that the Kutting Weight sauna suit can provide the following benefits to users:

  • Burns up to 13% more calories
  • Enhances EPOC levels up to 22%
  • Increases total fatigue time by up to 67%
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Promote heat acclamation

Tell Us What You Think!

Have you tried any of these weird techniques?

What were your results?

Let us know in the comments below! 

Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Acute Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

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