3 Reasons You May Want to Try Nude Yoga

This ancient Eastern tradition has been all the rage in the Western world for the last two decades. Yoga is now so common place that it’s become a punchline when describing someone’s hobbies. Unlike 25 years ago, no one is going to look at you with a weird expression when you say you go to yoga practice. In fact, yoga has become so influential that you can find several types of yoga. There’s hot yoga, aerial yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, and nude yoga…


Yes, that’s right. Imagine going to a yoga class where everyone, even the instructor is wearing nothing but their birthday suit. Your first reaction may be one of awkwardness or discomfort but hang on a second. Let’s take a minute to reconsider this. Here are the 3 reasons that you may want to try nude yoga.



nude yoga, benefits


  1. Realizing That Perfection is an Illusion

It can be hard to tell but beneath those tight and flattering yoga clothes, many people are striving for their own version of the perfect body. Everyone is chasing after some idea that they subconsciously received from the constant barrage of marketing. When you step into a nude yoga class, you quickly become aware that “you’re not the only one.” It’s okay if your body isn’t Photoshop perfect. It’s your body and it’s the only one you have, so do your best to be happy with it. Sure, take care of it, of course, but above all, be satisfied with your own skin.


  1. Take Your Practice to the Next Level

If there was ever a way to get more of a challenge in your mental conditioning, it’s going nude during a yoga class. If this isn’t your first time on the mat, you already know full well how Zen you get during practice. You’re focusing on your own body moving through the range of motions being demonstrated by the instructor. After some time, your focus becomes razor sharp and you zone into the practice completely. If you want to challenge that focus, try nude yoga. Nothing will discipline your focus more than being completely naked during class.

nude yoga, benefits

  1. Overcoming Fear & Not Giving a…

The vast majority of us have been conditioned to hate our bodies. It’s why we cover up at the beach. It’s why we do crazy and sometimes dangerous things to attain a look that doesn’t truly exist without a computer program. Trying a nude yoga class means conquering your fears. It means letting go of all your preconceived notions of your body and yourself. You step out of the box and even if it’s just for that time in class, you learn to truly not care about what others think because guess what: They’re all naked too.


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  • Have not tried Nude Yoga, I do go to hot yoga 5 times a week tho …
    And might consider this! Thank you for the article :)

    Geena Lucille

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