3 Reasons Why Egg Protein Supplements May Be Better Than Whey

Protein supplements are all the rage in today’s fitness programs. Whether you are looking to lose weight or build lean muscle mass, protein supplements are essential to your fitness regimen. Protein provides our body with the basic building blocks of muscle. It also helps satiate hunger and improves strength, immunity and overall health. This is why protein supplements are so in demand.


Once you realize the importance of protein supplements, you are likely going to be confronted with many choices. While whey protein happens to be the common protein choice, you may be surprised to know that research is offering you another, potentially more beneficial, type of protein: egg protein supplements derived from egg whites.


Let’s see how egg protein supplements can better serve your fitness goals compared to whey supplements.


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  1. No Allergic Reaction

It is common knowledge that some people may be allergic to whey protein. This is because whey protein is derived from milk. Certain blends of whey may contain lactose because lactose is naturally present in milk. While certain whey protein compositions claim to be lactose free, they can actually come at a hefty cost on your pocket. An easier alternative is egg protein powder which poses no risk of a lactose allergy or lactose intolerance.


As a side note: egg protein powder also provides you with more protein input than just consuming raw eggs. In fact, depending on the brand, three scoops of egg protein power can fulfill your daily protein requirement.


  1. High Bioavailability

The efficiency and effectiveness of protein is measured by its biological value. The Biological Value or the BV scale is the measurement of the effectiveness of a protein in relation to digestion and assimilation. The better the BV value, the more beneficial the protein. Egg protein has a high BV value of 100 on a scale of 100! In other words, your body will be able to fully utilize and assimilate the protein from the egg protein supplement.


eggs, protein

  1. Supports Muscle Building

Egg protein supplements are amazing for building muscle because not only do they contain all the essential amino acids needed to build and repair muscle, they also contain essential minerals like calcium, zinc, iron. This means egg protein provides you with the perfect combination of nutrients needed to build lean muscle.


Since egg protein is derived from egg whites, it naturally has little to no carbohydrates. Most supplements also contain very little fat and cholesterol.  This is why egg protein supplements are ideal for losing weight and building muscle.


Egg protein can also help your muscles recover faster from the wear and tear of your fitness regimens.


Just remember to always consult your doctor and fitness professional before choosing a protein supplement because different supplements might be suitable for different people according to their specific health conditions.


Tell Us What You Think!

Did you make the switch from whey to egg protein?

What benefits did you notice?

Let us know in the comments below!



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