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KW Customer, Anthony Lewis Loses 100+ pounds with the proper nutrition and the Kutting Weight sauna gear!  Read about his weight loss journey below!


"My journey was a tough one but a necessary one. In 2012, my sister out of nowhere departed, it was a shock to the entire family. At the time, I was overweight drinking and eating, basically not caring about my physical appearance as life gets in the way.

However, after this tragedy it lit a fire under my ass to get into shape and live a more healthy life. My kids and although I have no control over the day I'm to meet my maker....I have my parents to think of as nobody should have to bury their child. I made it a point to live healthy as I will be burying my parents and not the other way around. The thought of living healthy gives me solace that I will be the one to bury my parents.

So, I started working out six days a week cardio and weightlifting. Cut out all types of junk food including my favorite alcohol, red velvet cake, and diner food. I found myself like many dealing with stubborn excess weight and wanted to challenge myself so I purchased a sauna suit from Modells. Unfortunately, two days later it ripped and I returned it and it ripped again. Due to the fact that I was making returns constantly on this product I went into depth research looking for a high quality sauna suit.

In 2013, I found Kutting Weight and purchased the hat, shirt, and pants. It was definitely a sweaty workout but the quality was everything and more I was looking for and more.

As of 2015, I still have the same suit and recently just purchased the new line of Kutting Weight gear. I love my hoodie and my new gear.

I am proud to say that I am living strong and 100 pounds lighter. Thanks to Kutting Weight."

                                                  -Anthony Lewis



KW Customer Patrick Tusa Loses 80+ pounds with the help of the Kutting Weight sauna hoodie!  See how he did it.  Keep up  the GREAT wok Patrick!

"I have recently lost 80 pounds during the last 5 Months! A few things that made this possible were competition, eating right, working out, and using my Kutting Weight hoodie. I was able to compete in a weight loss competition, which allowed me to be with a trainer for 5 months and train 5 days a week. Not only did I see my trainer, but I also worked out on my own and I stayed on a strict meal plan. My meal plan was very high in protein and also low in carbs. The trick to changing how you eat is minimal cheating. I always had a treat on Friday nights, but got back to business on Saturday. I always wore my Kutting Weight Hoodie and I regularly found that each of my workouts were more intense; this lead to me feeling great at the end every time. Kutting Weights hoodie allows you to not only do cardio, but to do any activity that you want to in a comfortable fashion. The greatest part about it is that you are trendy and can also withstand any workout! I used it for cross fit, running, training sessions, and weight lifting."
-Patrick Tusa

KW Customer Art tells us how it's done! What an inspiration.


"A proper diet and exercise, will get you in shape. KUTTING WEIGHT will get you there faster! I went from 256lbs to 217 lbs in under 5 months. KUTTING WEIGHT is the best piece of equipment I own!! I wear my sauna suit for outside workouts, I hike in it, I do yard work in it, and ride my bicycle in it! This is my testimony, I hope it helps and encourage others!"



Joseph lost 15 lbs in 30 days with his Kutting Weight sauna clothing

"I Finally hit the 30 day mark with my #kuttingweight sauna suit. I've lost 15 lbs since adding it to my workout regime. I can't say anything but amazing things about your product. It motivates me to keep working hard and the results keep me wanting more. I refuse to workout now without wearing my suit. Thank you for changing my life. The only thing I regret is that I should've bought this years ago!!!!" - Joseph Mallari



Congratulations Carla - You are looking fantastic!

'Only as old as you believe you are!!!'

“I am 50 (51 next month) and have always been able to drop weight in the past.  However age changes everything.  What used to come easy was now impossible. I dieted, worked out and neither of those things were easy to do because of my job. I work on the road, so fast food 5 days a week and the long hours at work and long drives kept me from working out regularly. And the pounds piled on. When I saw picture #1 I was furious at myself and decided I would do whatever it took!  I am more disciplined now and the Kutting Weight Suit has helped get me past plateaus that I have hit in the past to only give up. I have recommended the suit to everyone that tells me they are struggling. I am a fan and will wear it long into my 60's. NEVER GIVE UP!”



Very true words and a fantastic testimonial from Kutting Weight customer, Stu

Stu is in better shape now at 42 than he was in his early 20's and here is his advice:
My name is Stu and I became neurotic about fitness over 10 years ago. When I was younger I benefited from a quick metabolism, so my weight was never an issue. I was skinny for the first 18 years of my life having nothing to do with exercise or diet. In fact, exercise was non-existent and I ate everything, never once considering the repercussions of what I was doing to my body.  Four years after graduating from high school I took up smoking and did so for the next nine years. No Exercise + Eating Excessively + Smoking Regularly = A Very Lethal Combination! At 5’11, 225lbs I was no longer the young kid with the quick metabolism. From what I’ve read it’s common to replace cigarettes with food. Not only did I have to exercise regularly, I had to maintain a sensible diet if I wanted to make a change. A friend introduced me to the Kutting Weight Sauna Suit and I’ve incorporated it into my routine over the last three years. Without question it has helped me achieve my fitness goals, but keep in mind the importance of having a sensible diet, exercising regularly and changing it up. That’s the only way you’ll achieve results.  I’m now 42 years old and I weigh 165lbs. I’m in the best shape of my life today and tomorrow I will only be in better shape! Be realistic. Be patient. And Good luck!!!

William's inspiring success story - Read how he dramatically improved his health

William's weight loss story is incredibly inspiring and motivating. Needing to lose weight so that he may be approved for life saving surgeries, William under went gastric bypass surgery. After surgery, William knew it was going to take some drastic lifestyle changes for him to lose the necessary weight and to keep it off in the long term. It was then that he found Kutting Weight and look at him now - he has lost over 130 lbs and is doing amazingly! Congratulations William.



Check out Charisse’s Before and After Photos and read her story below!

What an Amazing Transformation! This takes pure dedication and determination. Congratulations, you should be very proud!

Where did you start and what were your goals?

I started my journey aug 2013! I was tired of cropping pics and tired of being over 200 lbs especially after my August Florida vacay when I saw the pics from there!  I had had enough !

What was your workout regime and how often did you wear Kutting Weight?

I hired a trainer and got on a fitness regime and nutrition plan. I weight train and do 30 minutes of cardio in my first session and a second 35 minutes of cardio a day/6 times a week. On my second cardio for 35 minutes is when I incorporate my Kutting Weight suit!

What changed about your lifestyle?

I had to give up alcohol and stick to my designed 6 meals a day! No more hanging out and traded my lunch hour in the military for time at gym. 

What do you like most about Kutting Weight and how did it help you?

What I like most about KW is how I feel when it comes off after 30 minutes! Nothing makes me so satisfied when I squeeze my underwear out and sports bra and see all the sweat pour out!

What are your future goals?

Currently my future goal is to compete in my first competition which is set for August 23 here in Utah, bikini level!

What advice would you give to someone starting out their Kutting Weight weight loss journey?

I have gotten other people to buy the suit! Five other people to be exact! And what I tell them is to start out slow and that if they're not use to being heated during working out,  to work their way up slowly to the 30 minute mark.

Thank you KW for this amazing product! You have really helped me accelerate my dreams! 



Jojo (from the success story below) Continues to Persevere Through her Weight Loss Success & We Couldn't Be more Proud!

Look at her now!

  "I remember when i first started using Kutting Weight's product i started with men clothes top 3xl and pants 2xl now look at me now wearing WOMENS top large and pants a medium. Im so happy for my progress." - Jojo


Learn How Duran W. Sheets Uses His Kutting Weight Clothing in His Workout Routine!

 On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I teach Filipino Martial Arts at Smith Martial Arts Center in Hebron, Kentucky. We work standard FMA stick/knife/hand drills for 45 minutes to an hour.  I am pictured with Amanda Carlisle doing a drill called Sumbrada.  We conclude each class with Bas Rutten's 30 minute striking program (2 minute striking with 1 minute rest).  I own the Kutting Weight top, pants, and the 3/4 suit.  As a disabled veteran (Iraq), the therapeutic and mobility benefit trump even the weight loss benefit.

Thanks for making a great product that helps me to keep mobile and active.
-Duran W. Sheets
Smith Martial Arts Center, Hebron, KY
Sombo Joe, Hebron, KY

Stephen's Inspiring Weight Loss Success Story!


Meet Stephen and Learn How he went from 302lbs to 162lbs with the help of the Kutting Weight Clothing!


 In 2009, I went on a trip to the Dominican Republic with my wife. On the beach, her cousin took a picture of us, the happy couple. Well, when I saw the picture, it smacked me in the face! I was huge! Big belly,saggy chest, no definition anywhere. I weighed in at 302 lbs. This was the defining moment the changed my life. I made a promise to myself that continues today. When I got back home to NY, I started to diet with no exercise because my knees could bare the weight and repetitive motions. In the first 11 months I lost about 65 lbs. It was a good start but certainly not enough. Then, I started running. I started with 2 miles everyday. No matter how slow, no matter how I felt, I just ran. After a while, another 25 lbs dropped off. I became more knowledgeable about what foods to eat and caloric intake and how it will all fit in my life. However, no matter what I did, I couldn't drop any more weight. That was unacceptable.  I wasn't at my goal yet. I had to do something. That's where Kutting weight came in. Now, I was told that I was going to waste my time and money with a sauna suit because it was only going to take off water weight and that it would come right back. I didn't accept that either. Being a paramedic, I also knew that an increase in body temperature would increase my metabolism.  So, as soon as my Kutting weight shirt and pants came in the mail, I went right to work. Same day!. Man, what a difference! Just as I suspected, I lost a BUNCH of water weight! However, as I also thought, I sped up my metabolism and it wasn't just water. Real fat came off as well! I was so happy with the results from the Kutting weight products, I recommended them to all my friends at gym and at work. Now, I thought that once I hit my goal weight of 162lbs, I would stop using the sauna suit. WRONG! I still use it for when I need that little extra in my routine. I'm so glad I purchased the Kutting weight products. They helped change my life.


-Stephen Carpenter 

Justin Morgan's Amazing Weight Loss Success Story: How He Did it With the Help of
 the Kutting Weight Clothing

Congratulations to Justin Morgan for all of his hard work and success. Keep up the great work Justin! You are an inspiration to many!

Read how Justin did it...

"I love and speak so highly of Kutting Weight's products. I love when people ask me about my suit at the gym. Recently, I even had the privilege of seeing another member of my local gym wearing one while we worked out. We had an instant bond over your product and discussed it for several minutes.

My weight loss story starts with the last week of September of 2012 when I weighed in at a horrible 320 lbs, so I knew it was time to take back control of my life. I told myself I was ready because I know deep down that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. I had one last "unhealthy" weekend where I enjoyed some of my favorite foods. As soon as Monday came I started my super healthy life style with diet and working out. At first, all I did was cardio, but wasn't feeling like I maximized my time in the gym, so I started browsing the Internet. I came across your products on amazon and was very much intrigued so I checked out y'all's website. I'm a former wrestler in high school, so I was highly impressed with the product. The vinyl ones I have used always ripped after 2 or 3 days. I have been using your suit for months, 5-7 times a week with no problems. I love your suit as it helps me maintain a higher body temp while performing cardio. Eventually, when I moved into weight lifting around Feb., I got even better use out of the suit. It maximizes your body temp and keeps your heart rate up easier between sets, so it allows for cardio while lifting. My diet consists of 1200-1800 calories depending on how hard I'm going to work out. My top 5 foods are chicken, ground turkey, broccoli, green beans and frozen yogurt.

Your suit along with a healthy diet and working out has changed my life. I am under 200 lbs for the first time since middle school. That's over ten years and I have never felt better in my life."
-Justin Morgan

Kutting Weight Video Review

Peter's Success Story

My name is Vianney. and I am a proud owner of a kutting weight product. Several months ago a friend came across your website. He was going to purchase the pants and shirt. I asked him to order me the pants.  I was just beginning my prep for my first figure competition. I received my pants and wore them every single day at the gym. I wore them during my cardio and weight routine. To make a long story short, I placed 1st in my first competition. wearing the pants helped me so much that I now recommend them to my clients. I'm not sure if you sponsor any athletes or if that's even a rout you'd want to go.  But I will tell you this  your product was a great help to me and I'm sure it will be a great help to many athletes who compete like me.  I cant even begin to tell you the things we do to break a sweat to loose extra water. I'm competing again June 8th and also July 5th and 6th. winning first place got me a slot in the nationals. If I win I turn pro. I will be wearing my pants everyday during my workouts up until the show. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my babbling email and for having such an amazing product. I attached a before and after picture so that you can see the difference this product has made on me.  Thank you 

JoJo's Journey Towards Weight Loss Success  

Meet Jojo and learn how she lost 80 pounds in 4 months with the help of the Kutting Weight Suit!  
Congratulations Jojo!  You are an inspiration to many!  Keep up the great work!!
"Hi my name is Josefina (Jojo) for short. I've always been a chunky girl all my life and it's when I met my now husband almost 3 years ago I became happy and comfortable and slowly but surely my weight gradually started packing on with hanging out EVERY weekend drinking and partying.

It was at my highest weight of 280 lbs that I became very depressed and didn't want to go out or do anything because nothing would fit. My husband surprised me with booked tickets to go to the Dominican Republic for October of this year 2013 i decided that I have to do something about my weight because I didn't want to take any FAT pics while on vacation.

One day I was searching YouTube for help on losing weight and that's when EVERYTHING changed! I saw one of Kutting Weight's video and right there and then I went on their web site and ordered me my first suit.

April 3 2013 is when I started wearing my Kutting Weight suit while going for my 3 miles walk I was shocked at how much my body was heating up and burning calories. Within my first week of wearing my suit I lost 10 lbs. I told my mom about it and she also bought the suit (LOL).

It's now the ending of August 2013 and I have been wearing the Kutting Weight suit through out the whole summer keeping myself hydrated of course and I have lost a total of 80 lbs. I still have a long way to go but for losing 80 lbs in 4 month I think that's awesome.

I don't have a specific weight loss secret because I do eat! I love food but now I eat them in moderation. Instead of eating a whole plate of rice with chicken i cut down half my rice and my chicken and save the other half for later. I drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits as of now my favorites are tomatoes with a little bit of salt, pepper, and a little olive oil it taste so good and its full filling and not to mention healthy. I do go for my 3 hour walk EVERY day I don't look at at as a diet I look at it as a change of life style.

Has Kutting Weight helped lose my weight? Oh hell yes it has lots to do with my weight loss. I wouldn't of had burn that much calories in one day as I do if I was wearing regular working out  clothes. For one I'm not a sweater I retain lots of water even though I drink a lot of water. The suit helps me sweat a lot and for that I'm thankful.

Kutting Weight you rock! This customer is a happy customer LOL cheesy but true.."
-Jojo Diaz
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