• Need to cut weight for a competitive sport or weigh in?
  • Want to burn more calories during your current workout routine?
  • Do you want to stay warm in the freezing weather?
  • How about sweating out your toxins from a weekend of partying?
  • Why not drop the extra weight you put on during the holidays?

Our entire clothing line is made from elite quality neoprene fabric. The Kutting Weight® sauna suit uses a resilient neoprene material. It was Kutting Weight that pioneered neoprene usage for sauna suits. While other companies were using the low quality and unsafe PVC plastic suits, Kutting Weight® made the commitment to provide more to consumers. The Kutting Weight® neoprene suit is a closed-celled fabric type. This means that it wicks sweat away and does not absorb odor.


While the original suit was flimsy and uncomfortable, the Kutting Weight® neoprene suit is extremely durable and highly comfortable. It is so tough that it allows for maximum flexibility during your most intense workouts and it can withstand the elements if you train outside.


Get more for your money! Take advantage of our amazing discount. Our most popular item is the Sauna Suit, but I prefer the versatility of the combination of the hat, shirt, and pants combo.  You can mix and match them in any way you want in order to optimize your fitness routine.


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