Resolutions, Schmesolutions…

So, you made a resolution (or several of them…) to get in shape for the new year, got a membership at a beautifully appointed gym, got new kicks, new gear and you are well on your way to a new you… except… that none of this happened yet, and we are in February! What is the problem?

Everyone faces this problem. It all starts with the best of intentions and next thing you know, you are sitting on the couch, watching P90X infomercials thinking: “I could do this!” while eating chips, having a large beer and waiting for the next meal. The difference between success and failure is made out of a million of those moments where you have to make a choice.

Being fit and choosing to lead a healthy lifestyle is sometimes more difficult that it seems…

Here are some tips that can help you:

-          Find a workout buddy (it’s always easier to have someone to work out with, not to mention the fact that you probably won’t want to let your friend down.)

-          Include your workout regimen as an integral part of your daily routine (like brushing your teeth, only better!)

-          Set realistic goals (yes… that would be great to participate in next month’s triathlon, but you can’t really swim… so…)

-          Have measurable goals

-          Document your workouts

-          Enlist the help of a fitness professional (you’d be amazed at the things you don’t know)

-          Get the right equipment

-          HAVE FUN!

All this will help you achieve your goals and get you on your way to being fit. Kutting Weight can help you start all this with great sauna suit apparel that will not only help you lose water weight, but help you with the prevention of injuries (warm muscles are less likely to be strained and pulled.) Wearing your Kutting Weight suit will become an integral part of your fitness program.

We invite you to send us an email ( and let us know how you are doing, tell us your success story and you may be featured on the Kutting Weight site!

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Get to work and have fun!

Dustin and the crew at Kutting Weight

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