Is Coffee Good for You? 4 Things You Didn't Know about Coffee

Coffee: For some, it is life. Coffee drinkers rarely do without their favorite beverage in the morning and afternoon. Those non-coffee drinkers just can’t understand the daily ritual of brewing your favorite roast and getting that nice (and much needed) mental boost. One question that’s been the subject of debate: Is coffee good for you? The short answer is “yes” but let’s explore that further. Let’s take a look at the 4 things you didn't know about coffee to highlight the good side and dark side of this American staple.


coffee, benefits, dangers

  1. Coffee IS Healthy… in Moderation

Packed with antioxidants and the stimulant, caffeine, coffee really is a health beverage. Notice that we said “coffee” and not sugar-loaded, caramel drizzled latte. Black coffee has next to no calories and plenty of useful nutrients in the form of free radical-fighting antioxdiants.


The catch is that coffee should be consumed in moderation. To define moderation with coffee is tricky. The problem is the stimulant, caffeine. While healthy, too much of it can cause chaos. The safe upper limit for caffeine is around 350 to 400 mg per day.


Do some research into your favorite brand to make sure you aren’t over doing it. If you don’t…


  1. You Can Become “Addicted” to Caffeine

Drink too much caffeine for too long and your body will actually become dependent upon it just to hit baseline on a normal day. This is not where you want to be. Caffeine withdraw is unpleasant with side effects such as mood swings and fatigue. If you think your body is dependent upon caffeine, the best thing to do is a natural, whole food cleanse for a week. This will help to reset and recharge the adrenal system. Speaking of which…


  1. Coffee Can Help or Hurt Your Adrenal System

Caffeine activates the release of the fight-or-flight hormone, epinephrine. This hormone is why you suddenly feel alert and ready to pounce after drinking black coffee. Drinking coffee in moderation exercises the adrenal system. Drinking too much caffeine, on the other hand, can completely burn out your adrenal system. The result is called adrenal fatigue. This is when you are extremely fatigued and, again, need caffeine just to feel somewhat normal. Remember: Coffee in moderation.


coffee, benefits, dangers

  1. Coffee Boosts Brain Power, Energy and Weight Loss

When used responsibly, coffee is able to boost mental focus, alertness, and learning ability. You’ll also feel your energy levels skyrocket. What’s more, caffeine is considered a thermogenic, which means it supports weight loss. Black coffee can boost your metabolic response, allowing you to burn more calories, thereby supporting your weight loss goals.


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