How to Hack These 4 Fit Video Games to Burn More Fat

Video games are no longer the pixelated messes they once were. Not only have the graphics evolved but the game play itself is on a completely different level. The controller is still the gold standard for video games but the joystick is long gone and the two button options now include several more. With the industry about to break into virtual reality video games, you can take advantage of some amazing games that also get you up and moving.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 fit video games and how you can hack these games to burn more fat!

  1. Wii Fit

Although it’s not one of the more popular true “gaming” systems, the Wii has changed the way we look at video games forever. It was the first gaming system to launch a worldwide gaming platform to incorporate movement into your games. Wii Sports was one of the most popular games of its kind when it first came out. You swung golf clubs or punched your way in the ring. The Wii laid out the foundation for fit games and Wii Fit is one of the best. It incorporates a variety of proven fat loss and muscle building workouts that you can use each day. It also tracks progress, calories burned, and more.


  1. Dance Central

Maybe you’re not one for traditional workouts and that’s fine. If you want to burn calories while having fun, then try Dance Central for the Xbox and PlayStation. Dance Central takes you through a variety of popular songs from the 80s, 90s, and today. You’ll learn the moves and you’ll also be scored on how well you execute those dances. Best of all, you can pair up with a friend for a dance competition.


  1. Pokemon GO

The game that is blowing up the internet across the U.S., Japan, and Australia (and even parts of South Korea), Pokemon GO brings Pokemon catching to life. It’s a free app on your phone that you use to find Pokemon all around you. This is the app that has gotten people off of their couches and into their local neighborhoods and beyond. While walking or jogging around, you will come across different creatures that you will have to try to catch via the app on your phone. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s a way to keep fit.


  1. Sports Champion

This game for the PlayStation is one of the most fun live action sports-based games you’ll play. Using two controllers, you can become a gladiator in an arena or an archer in a competition. These sports-based events get you moving and you’ll be working up a sweat before you know it. If you really want to make things interesting, ask a friend to join you.

How to Hack Your Video Games

 You have your video games to choose from. Now what about a way to burn even more calories playing these games? By putting on a Kutting Weight sauna suit before starting to play any of these games, you’ll capture the scientifically proven benefits of weight loss, endurance enhancement, and cardio health improvement.

 Even if you only wear the Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit for 10 to 15 minutes of game play, you’ll be amazed at how many calories you burn. There are several very recent studies that have demonstrated just how effective this neoprene weight loss suit can be at promoting a healthy weight loss and cardiovascular health.

  • Burned up to 13% more calories
  • Increased EPOC levels (calories you burn AFTER a workout) by up to 22%
  • Produced a greater overall weight loss of up to 40%

So be sure to suit up with the Kutting Weight sauna suit before you jump into your next video game.

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Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Acute Benefits of Exercise with the Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit: Technical Report” Gunnison, CO. Western State Colorado University.

 Dalleck, Lance. (2015) “Chronic Health and Performance Benefits of Exercise with

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