Detox the Right Way with These 5 Methods

The idea of detoxing your body has been a health trend for as long as crash diets. The purpose of detoxing is to remove toxins that have built up over time. These toxins come from everywhere: the air you breathe, the foods you eat, and the place you live. Is detoxing really all it’s cracked up to be?

While your body does naturally detox on its own, it certainly appreciates a bit of help. Watch out for trendy and flashy-labeled detox products. If you want to properly and safely cleanse your body, try one of these 5 ways to detox.

  1. Glutathione

Glutathione may sound like an intimidating substance but it’s a simple, naturally occurring antioxidant. As simple as it is, this is one tough compound. As shown in several studies, it is very effective at assisting in heavy metal detoxification. For those who want to boost their liver function, glutathione may be just what you need.

  1. Activated Charcoal

Don’t worry, this isn’t the stuff you put in your grill before a cookout.

Activated charcoal, according to WebMD, is made by a process of heating charcoal to create large porous spaces. These spaces trap toxins and harmful chemicals. This is why it’s an ideal treatment in hospitals for cases of poisoning.

Probably best to take the supplement on an empty stomach to avoid it leeching the nutrients from food and vitamin supplements.

  1. Embrace the Cold

Some of you are really going to dislike this one but the fact is that it can be really beneficial when it comes to weight loss and detoxing.

You’ve probably seen or heard about how a CrossFit athlete jumps into an ice bath following a workout. While the claim that it reduces inflammation still hasn’t been proven, there is evidence that an ice bath or using a cryochamber can boost fat loss and release stored toxins.

  1. Exercise

If you’re already exercising then you’re ahead of the game. Exercise helps to shed body fat, where many toxins are stored. Once released, exercise also provides adequate oxygen to the liver and kidneys. Combine this with improved blood flow and you’re essentially supporting the release of toxins to be filtered by the liver and kidneys in a more efficient manner. Be sure to combine exercise with any of the other recommendations for maximum results.

  1. Sauna

Last but not least is the king of detoxing. Saunas have been utilized for thousands of years to support proper health. One of its incredible benefits is the support of detoxification in the body. Saunas help in two ways: 

1) Sweating helps to release heavy metal build-up.

2) Saunas promote fat loss and as mentioned above, this will help release stored toxins for removal.

If you can’t afford a sauna, then a convenient and affordable solution would be a Kutting Weight sauna suit. Same benefits at a fraction of the price.


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