4 Ways Pilates Can Improve Pain, Performance, and Results

Fitness classes have taken the industry by storm in the last decade. From CrossFit to yoga, everyone wants to get in shape and do it in a group setting. One of the top contenders for fitness classes is Pilates. Similar to yoga in that it activates the entire body and focuses on strength, Pilates places a great deal of focus on the core and proper posture. Pilates is easily one of the safest exercises that you can perform because it emphasizes correct form above all. Let’s take a look at the 4 ways Pilates can improve pain, performance, and results.

  1. Alleviate Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints in the doctor’s and chiropractor’s office. Since most people have a desk job, the core is not being activated. A weak core is prime for over compensation issues that may lead to pain. Pilates helps to alleviate pain by focusing on correct posture and strengthening core musculature.

  1. Avoid Injury

As mentioned above, over compensation of weak muscles places a great deal of stress and strain on overworked muscles. Eventually, when the stress or load is too great, the over worked muscle can tear. Pilates can help you avoid injury by strengthening all muscles, allowing each length tension relationship to be in balance. With a great deal of focus on the core, Pilates can ensure proper posture and activation of muscle groups. The result is a significantly decreased risk of injury. 

  1. Boost Performance

Although Pilates is cited for its focus on posture and proper firing of muscle relationships, it’s also an incredible way to improve strength and endurance. The postures and movements that you perform in Pilates place the body in positions that require a person to support their own bodyweight. Over time, with the emphasis on perfect posture and form, the body begins to develop more strength. You may notice increases in strength in the amount of time you can hold your bodyweight or you may realize you’re able to perform push-ups without assistance.

What’s more, since movements are performed over an extended period of time without rushing, the body is forced to adapt, thereby increasing endurance.

  1. Achieve Better Fitness Results

Pilates is a way to help you achieve better fitness results, regardless of your goals or specialties. If you are a bodybuilder, for example, Pilates can help you avoid injury and improve length tension working relationships between muscle groups. If you work at a desk job for 8+ hours each day, Pilates can help you strengthen your core, improve posture, and increase strength, all while keeping you safe from injury. It doesn’t matter what your goal or experience, Pilates is a terrific way to improve your health, performance, and physique.

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