3 Ways to Alleviate Soreness Post-Workout

We’ve all felt the results of a good workout. You wake up with that soreness that only seems to get slightly better once you start moving around. For some, it’s what they strive after. For others, it makes them miserable.

If you want to reduce that muscle soreness after your workout, there are a few extremely effective tips and tricks you can use. Let’s take a look at the top 3 best ways to get rid of that muscle soreness.

  1. Get a Massage

One of the best ways to relieve muscle soreness is also one of the most enjoyable. Muscle soreness comes from the lactic acid build-up in the body. Massage, especially a sports massage, is designed to break apart that build-up. Massage is also ideal for restoring proper length-tension relationships to muscles.

If a massage is a bit out of your price range, consider a foam roller. Using a foam roller on a daily basis can dramatically improve your soreness. A foam roller is a specially grooved piece of fitness equipment that rolls out lactic acid build-up and knots.

  1. Supplement Properly

You’ve done the good damage that will result in progress. The real magic happens AFTER the workout. Nutrition and supplementation are key to recovery and results.

If you want to beat your muscle soreness, a properly balanced diet is essential but don’t forget about your supplements. Muscles need amino acids to rebuild, recover, and grow. You get an ample supply of amino acids from protein so it’s time to invest in a good protein supplement.

If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, go for a whey protein blend so that amino acids are released over time and not all at once.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, there are excellent vegan-friendly proteins on the market. Look for a vegan protein that is balanced with two or more sources of plant protein. For example, look for pea AND brown rice. Another example is pumpkin seed AND cranberry.

  1. Wear a Sauna Suit

The benefits of sauna use have recently exploded into the main stream. Aside from supporting a healthy weight loss and cardiovascular health, saunas are ideal for post-workout soreness.

Going to a sauna can also be expensive and time consuming. If you want all the benefits of a sauna without the price tag, it’s time you discovered the Kutting Weight sauna suit.

The Kutting Weight neoprene sauna suit has been scientifically proven to provide you with a number of benefits that support your fitness goals.

You’ll burn up to 13% more calories, elevate EPOC levels up to 22%, and achieve an overall greater weight loss up to 40%. What’s more, the neoprene weight loss suit also enhances endurance while boosting cardiovascular health.

If muscle soreness is what’s bothering you, the Kutting Weight sauna suit can help. By wearing it during or post-workout, you will be promoting the detoxifying effects provided by a sauna. The result is less lactic acid build-up and minimal (if any) soreness.


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