Don’t Be That Guy/Girl: 5 Most Important Gym Etiquette Rules

We all have our pet peeves. This applies even more so when we are working out and trying to get into terrific shape. Despite being a place where you’re supposed to mind your manners, the gym can attract some less than desirable types. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most important rules of etiquette when you go to the gym.

  1. Keep Your Shirt On

You go to the gym to work out and if you’re like most of us, you wear the clothing that is comfortable and ideal for exercise. This type of clothing is not pretty or even close to fashionable. It’s made to take a beating.

Now if you’re like the small population of people who forget where they are, you walk into the gym under the illusion it’s the Mr. Olympia stage. Guys and girls are both guilty of this.

Yes, we see you.

And no, we don’t care.

Stop spending time trying to show off those questionable gains and start lifting. If you’re coming to the gym, act like a normal human being and wear actual clothing.

  1. Mind Your Towel

The gym is only so big and it’s used by hundreds of people every day.

That’s hundreds of sweaty bodies all sharing the same equipment.

If you’re known to sweat puddles, be sure to bring a towel with you. You’ll need to put a barrier between you and the dozens of other people that pumped out bicep curls on the machine before you.

  1. Lift Now, Chat Later

There’s nothing wrong with saying a quick, “Hello, how are you doing?” to your gym buddy but unless you two are lifting together, keep it short.

We’ve all been to the gym and watched as two people engaged in conversation WHILE taking up benches or machines. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for your turn at the squat rack while two people carry on about Game of Thrones. The Mountain wouldn’t approve.

  1. Use Your Inside Voice

We’ve all lifted heavy weights.

Guys looking to build serious muscle need to push themselves.

Girls looking to lean out need to do the same.

Understandably, you’re going to make a bit of noise. When you start yelling and screaming for benching 175 pounds, you need to put yourself in check. We’re all proud of our gym number accomplishments but when you start drawing attention to yourself, then something needs to change.

Don’t be that guy or girl that over celebrates what they deem to be a fitness victory.

  1. Pick Up After Yourself

This is something you were taught when you were a kid.

It’s the most basic of etiquette rules and still you have full grown men and women who can’t seem to do it.

I’m talking, of course, about cleaning up after yourself.

It doesn’t matter if someone is getting paid to tidy up the gym. If you over loaded a barbell with six plates weighing 45 pounds each then YOU need to put them back. No one is admiring those six plates and your ability to barely half squat them.

Don’t be a jerk. Just rack your weights.


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