The Kutting Weight Team

Dustin Zahursky 


Dustin is the creator and founder of the Kutting Weight clothing line. He brings to the company a wealth of experience in fitness and marketing. As an accomplished wrestler, Dustin was the 2002 Wrestling National Champion at Lindenwood University. His triumph kickstarted a passion-driven career as a fitness instructor, personal trainer and wrestling coach, leading him to create Kutting Weight. Today, Dustin maintains an active role at Kutting Weight as the Chief Executive Officer and lead product designer. He continues to evolve the clothing line based on customer feedback and his own experience. Dustin is a recipient of a BA Degree in Business Marketing from Lindenwood University. He recently graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and was also part of the Core 100 Youth to start the Truth Anti-Tobacco Campaign. Dustin's latest achievement was becoming the 2016 National Champion for Lotus Cup USA racing.  

Cazzy Zahursky

Cazzy wears numerous hats at Kutting Weight. As the primary social media and marketing manager, she still finds time to help customers and assist with shipping and receiving. She has been very involved with Kutting Weight from the early experimental boot camp days. Cazzy spearheaded the expansion of the women’s line of Kutting Weight clothing, communicating customers’ experiences and her own personal usage of the suit to the rest of the team. Cazzy is a recipient of a BS Degree from James Madison University with a dual major in Information Science and Technology/Biotechnology and Information Knowledge Management/Computer Programming. She married Dustin Zahursky in 2012.


Michael Carrington

Michael is the ultimate team player as Kutting Weight’s Vice President and General Manager. While maintaining the daily operations, Michael finds time to contribute to the high level of customer service and ensure the best shipping methods are maintained. He brings his extensive experience in sales and business development to Kutting Weight, adding to the company’s already strong foundation for growth. Michael was brought on board by Dustin and Cazzy personally and was immediately impressed with their level of passion and creativity. As an advocate for the Kutting Weight products himself, Michael began using the clothing when he joined the team and strongly believes it is a great tool for staying fit. Michael is a recipient of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Renny Krieg

Renny is Kutting Weight's digital marketing guru.  As the liaison between each of the respective departments, he bridges the gap between customer service, social media, and operations.  Renny is responsible for all sales and marketing efforts through the website as well as distribution, sales, and marketing throughout Kutting Weight's various digital distribution channels.  He brings a broad range of experience stemming from small consumers startups to private media companies to Fortune 500 corporations.  He graduated with a degree in Business Management from Virginia Tech in 2005 and hopes to help ascend Kutting Weight to the next level of growth. 



Andy was raised in suburban Minnesota, and graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree from UW-Milwaukee. He moved out to Los Angeles a month later, where he worked for ten years in street team marketing and film production. One of his first marketing jobs was working with Dustin five days a week, doing random acts of kindness around the city. They kept in touch through the years until Dustin was looking for a new Customer Service Administrator at Kutting Weight. Andy’s sales experience, attention to detail, and dedication to clear communication made him a great fit for the company. He looks forward to helping take the company to the next level. 



Evan Bauer


Evan is the Warehouse Coordinator for Kutting Weight.  After graduating in 2004 from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, he moved to Los Angeles, finding work in both film production and shipping departments.  He now draws on his experience handling logistics for movie crews and businesses to orchestrate the team in all matters related to shipping and receiving. He is excited to be at Kutting Weight and dedicated to customer satisfaction.




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