Burn up to 40% more calories wearing the Kutting Weight Suit


If you're going to workout, you might as well make it count, right? The Kutting Weight Sauna Suit will boost your core temperature and allow you to lose up to 40.4% more weight.


The Kutting Weight Sauna Suit can help increase your metabolism up to 20.8% so you feel better long after the workout is over. Click below to learn about the Science Behind the Suit.


Sleek, comfortable, and agile. Our apparel was designed to maximize your workout experience, help you stop worrying about appearance and focus on crushing your goals with confidence.

The Science Behind The Suit

"The most important finding of this study is that it provides scientific evidence to support the notion that exercise with a Kutting Weight® Sauna Suit contributes to a significantly increased metabolism (20.8%*) and facilitates greater weight loss (40.4%*) when compared to exercise performed under similar conditions with no suit."

– Lance C. Dalleck, PhD




Clara Matimba
Clara Matimba
Best item I have bought in 2019
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Started using my Sauna Suit since 1/20 and I checked my weight 1/25, I have lost 4lbs in 5 days. Very comfortable, fits well. Easy to wash, and snugs well to my body. I just love it!
Elizabeth Aguilar
Elizabeth Aguilar
Very pleased!
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I am very happy with this purchase. I took a gamble and ordered a Small although a Medium would have been recommended. I have a 34B Bust, wear size 29 in jeans, and weight aproximately 170. At first, I had a really, really hard time zipping this suit on. I thought about exchanging for a larger size but figured I would give it a try as is once I got the zipper up. I worked out one time with it and the second time, the suit fit perfectly and I was able to sip it with no problems. I'm glad I held on to it.
I have only two drawbacks with this suit. 1, I tend to sweat a lot from my back and the pocket in the back was humid with sweat when I took it off so I will not be using that pocket for my phone. 2, I workout from home and I can feel the zipper whenever I have to workout on my stomach, for example while doing the superman. Its a bit uncomfortable but tolerable so its no biggie.
One thing I really love about this is that I cannot even tell how much I am sweating until I take it off. I used to use the sweat waist cincher but it would be dripping in sweat during and after my workout. With this suit, there is no dripping but the sweat is still there. I cannot recommend this enough!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Know your weight, size.
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I love it. I love how it breathes when you sit. It fitted tight at first but it has been working well with my body. I have been keeping an eye on the zipper love how it has pocket to lock it in it btw hasn't rolled down or split. I have hand washed it as well still works Great!. I would've loved if it had long sleeves at least half of one to help arm fat that's the onyl flaw for me other than that I would recommend this to anyone looking to really lose weight. I want to buy another one in a different color maybe Hot Pick. I also work this under my clothing at a cookout just to sweat it out lol. This product I would give it an A+.

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